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Dr. Janet Kusler, MD. is the online (virtual) Psychiatrist for Dr. Joti Samra, R.Psych. & Associates and MyWorkplaceHealth. Dr. Kusler offers online (virtual) psychiatric assessments, including diagnosis, treatment and medication recommendations. Following psychiatric assessments, all psychotherapy recommendations are carried out by Dr. Joti Samra, R.Psych & Associates clinicians, under the supervision of Dr. Samra.

Dr. Kusler is a Canadian trained fully accredited adult psychiatrist, with extensive experience working in Canada and New Zealand.  She believes that we must take a holistic view of human experience to be able to best understand and assist with mental health problems.  She has worked in the area of physician and caregiver health, throughout much of her career.

Please note that Dr. Kusler is accepting limited referrals directly from a GP for brief assessments & medication recommendations, for those clients who are connected with a clinician within our practice. Dr. Kusler is only available for one time visits for those clients who are engaged in regular therapy with a clinician within our practice, and is not seeing clients for ongoing therapy. All requests for Psychiatric Assessments & Medication Recommendations are reviewed on a case-to-case basis by Dr. Samra, and conducted for Dr. Joti Samra, R.Psych. & Associates or MyWorkplaceHealth clients only. For further inquiries please contact us at

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