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Psychologist | Speaker | Media Expert | Workplace Consultant | Researcher

Christa is Dr. Joti Samra, R.Psych’s executive assistant and brings over 10 years of executive and administrative experience. Throughout her career, she has had the pleasure of working with various individuals including executives and managers in a number of departments and fields. She began her employment within the manufacturing industry and was quickly recognized for her ability to take on increasing challenges. Within months, she was given the task of representing the business in dealing with all their major retailers around North America. Taking on this portfolio, while maintaining logistics, customer care, travel management and beyond proved how essential Christa was to the team. She moved on to work for a brief stint in the pharmaceutical industry before entering mental health, where she has proven herself to be indispensable in organizing and managing schedules, providing professional and courteous correspondence and detailed attention to both task and data management. Christa is strongly committed to the efficient flow and overall organization of the workplace, thereby enhancing productivity for each individual member, and the team as a whole.

Christa is honored to be working in an environment where mental health is the passion and focus. She is excited to aid in the advocacy in any way she can, knowing how critical positive workplace culture and psychological health is.

After hours, you will find Christa alongside her husband and three young daughters, plugged in varying environmental and political volunteering opportunities. As a family of avid adventurers, Christa can be found quietly absorbing the natural beauty and cultural diversity, of Canada (or occasionally beyond). Having officially lived from coast to coast in Canada, Christa is drawn to the fresh cool mist of the rugged and raw serene saltwater coasts.

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