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Psychologist | Speaker | Media Expert | Workplace Consultant | Researcher

I always LOVE when Dr. Samra is a guest on our morning show. She’s a great communicator, very likeable, and always leaves us feeling better about being so messed up.”

Keri Adams
Host, CTV Morning Live Vancouver

I have worked with Dr. Samra and our paths have crossed for more than a decade – collaborating in a chronic pain program, knowing of her research on national forums on back to work programs, and being the ‘go to’ psychologist for my patients who insist on seeing ‘the best in town.’ Dr. Joti is indeed the best!”

Dr. Ronald A. Remick, MD, FRCP(C)
Medical Director – Lookout Housing and Health Society

We had the pleasure of having Dr. Samra for a speaking engagement at Rogers Insurance. She is an excellent and engaging presenter and facilitator. Her expertise, commitment and work in the area of mental health and the workplace has provided us with a valuable array of resources and tools, for both managers and employees. It is truly a pleasure to work with Dr. Samra, and we look forward to future initiatives together!”

Kim Philps, CIP (Adv)
Director, Commercial Support and Wellness Team Lead Rogers Insurance Ltd.

Mindful Employer Canada has enjoyed working with Dr. Samra over the years. She has provided guidance and support for our development and continues to offer professional research and expertise to establish the evidence for the efficacy of our In-House program. Dr. Samra helps our not-for-profit stay on a steady path of continual improvement.”

Mary Ann Baynton,
Founder & Executive Director, Mindful Employer Canada

We greatly appreciate Dr. Samra’s support of our annual Bell Let’s Talk campaign, when she shares her thoughts and expertise on different subjects around the topic of mental health with Canadians across the country. Dr. Samra’s approach is always clear, thoughtful, and easily relatable.”

Mary Deacon
Chair, Bell Let’s Talk

Working with Dr. Samra on our daily multicultural entertainment show Chai Time was very positive and informative at the same time. Our viewers enjoyed receiving informational tips from Dr. Samra on a weekly basis. The unique blend of professionalism and knowledge, including Dr. Samra’s personality, really made it enjoyable to have her on our show!”

Neelum Gill
Broadcasting Professional

“Dr. Samra provided valuable information on identifying the workplace stressors that increase the likelihood of psychological health issues and that may make existing conditions worse. Her speaking style and presentation provided the information in such a way that got the message across in a complete yet entertaining way. I have heard from many that Dr. Samra’s presentation was the highlight of our Convention. The TWU would like to thank you again for sharing your talents and knowledge with us.”

Cindy Orivolo
Business Agent, Telecommunications Workers Union

I have worked with Dr. Samra in many different situations and am always impressed by the professional, supportive, collaborative style she uses in all her encounters with others whether presenting to a group, facilitating a learning session, or moderating a panel.”

Lucette Wesley
Director, BC Life Disability & Life Claims

Dr. Samra asks us to be clear on our needs and beliefs. By focusing on what we want versus don’t want, we begin to chose a path of purpose. Dr. Samra gains trust by first answering your question, but then gets at the question behind the question. This approach creates more options than originally imagined and has helped me better understand my work within large organizations.”

Ken Layton
Project Lead, Mental Health, WSIB

Dr. Samra consulted on an organizational mental health study that I was conducting in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association in Medicine Hat, AB. Her ability to ask the right questions and to provide us with the guidance we needed was outstanding! We connected with Dr. Samra periodically throughout the study and her knowledge and ability to help us understand and adapt the tools made a significant contribution to the success of our study.”

Dana Couillard
Ripple Dynamics Inc.

It has been my pleasure to have associated with Dr Samra in different capacities, including a working group about workplace mental health issues and benefitting from her direction about clinical matters for The Clinic For Emotional Wellness. I have also had the privilege of attending a number of conferences where Dr. Samra has been a featured speaker, where her presentations are delivered with excellent content and skill in having her audience interested and engaged. Dr Samra is one of the most responsive professionals I have known – always very quick to get back to inquiries with most helpful suggestions. She demonstrates a true commitment to helping, regardless of issue, and has deservedly gained a reputation as one of Canada’s most trusted psychologists.”

David Michaels
CEO, The Clinic For Emotional Wellness

It’s one thing to have depth and breadth of knowledge in the area of mental health and the workplace, and it’s another to be able to communicate this information in a meaningful and concise way to audiences from all walks of life. Dr. Samra has mastered both. I consider myself quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her, so that I could help my own clients create psychologically safe and healthy workplaces.”

Shoba Thomas
Former Attendance Support Consultant, School Boards Co-operative Inc.

We were happy to have Dr. Samra as one of our keynote speakers at our Make It Work! Conference on Mental Health and the Workplace. Dr. Samra was engaging, motivational and very knowledgeable. She was a pleasure to work with and we would definitely invite her back!”

Patti Lauzon
Director of Advancement, CMHA Windsor-Essex | Director of Communications and Community Engagement, CMHA Lambton Kent

Dr. Samra was a presenter at our workshop on work stress for workplace health champions. Dr. Samra was a skilled and engaging speaker, drawing from her research and clinical experience to present a convincing argument. The audience found the information relevant and thought-provoking. Her actions speak volumes about her dedication to ensuring everyone has a safe and healthy place in which to work.”

Clare Mak
Public Health Nurse, Adult Health Team, KFL&A Public Health

Dr. Samra was a featured speaker at our recent UBC Summer Institute on Workplace Wellness. Professionals in the audience commented on her engaging presentation style and the relevance of the tools and resources she shared to help individuals and organizations create psychologically healthier workplaces. I look forward to working with Dr. Samra in the future to create new professional development opportunities in this area.”

Deena Boeck
Senior Program Leader, UBC Continuing Studies

Dr. Samra was an excellent presenter. She brought a lot of knowledge and energy and she personally made the experience an enjoyable one.”

Conference Attendee
Alberta Health Services’ Minding the Workplace Symposium

Dr. Samra has been an excellent presenter, MC, and moderator at several of our Bottom Line Conferences on workplace mental health. She effectively communicates her expertise so that lay audiences understand and can apply the knowledge in practical ways in their own environments. As a moderator, she helps panelists from various backgrounds feel comfortable while discussing what sometimes are difficult issues. As a member of the Steering Committee, Dr. Samra has made a significant contribution to the quality of the Bottom Line Conferences.”

Bev Gutray
CEO, Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division

Dr. Samra has been a trusted researcher, developer, and advisor to the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace for many years. Her ability to leverage psychological research in a practical and useful way for employers and leaders has contributed to major resources such as Guarding Minds @ Work, Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment, and Building Stronger Teams. Dr. Samra’s expertise and work ethic are truly exceptional.”

Mary Ann Baynton
Program Director, GWL Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace

I have known Dr. Samra for a number of years as both a professional speaker and as a consultant. Dr Samra is an engaging speaker, she pulls relevant research data into a “so what” context for her audience. Attendees walk away with useful insights and ideas on how to apply what they have heard into their own practice. As a consultant, I have contracted Dr. Samra on behalf of clients I work with to provide specialized group interventions addressing workplace issues. Feedback from clients has always been 100% appreciative of the assistance she has provided.”

Alan Taylor
Regional Director, Business Development, EAP & Organizational Wellness, Western Canada, Ceridian Canada Ltd.

Dr. Samra always seems to be able to explain why we do what we do in an enthusiastic and easy to understand manner. It is informative and fun to put her in our news stories!”

Ted Field
Reporter, Global BC News

It has been my distinct pleasure to be inspired by and work with Joti. Her ability to be both innovative and practical is a perfect combination for the business sector where I consult and provide services. Any project we have worked on together ends up exceeding even my seemingly unreasonable expectations!”

Mary Ann Baynton
Principal, Mary Ann Baynton & Associates

Dr. Samra blends her extensive clinical expertise with a straight-forward approach to resolve both workplace and personal mental health challenges.”

Susan Jakobson
Associate Consultant, Mary Ann Baynton & Associates

Dr. Samra is excellent at demystifying psychological health issues. Her presentation style is energetic, credible, engaging and memorable as evidenced by feedback from our audience.”

Beth Evans
Manager, Mental Health Promotion, Alberta Health Services

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