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You can access the resources by clicking on the titles. Please see links to additional resources in the links on the right.

Have THAT talk (for Workplaces)

The have THAT talk video campaign was developed to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in all areas of our lives. Everyone can take action to promote mental health where we live, work, and play. This 13-video series is designed to raise awareness and provide guidance about 13 factors in mental health relating to the workplace environment.

Managing Mental Health Matters (video-guided modules and exercises)

Managing Mental Health Matters uses a story-based approach, portraying realistic video episodes of workplace “characters” dealing with situations common to everyday work life. The user engages in the process, rather than simply being given information.

MHCC Webinar Archive

The MHCC holds regular webinars in many different areas of mental health, which are recorded and archived on their website for people to watch free of charge.

On the Agenda

On the Agenda is a series of videos, presentation slides, and supporting materials that can assist trainers, team leaders, managers, or others to facilitate discussions aimed at developing a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

Working Through It

A resource that offers real-life insights; ten people offer practical strategies that have worked for them and others who have experienced mental-health related issues in the workplace.

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