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Suggested readings: employee recognition

(Good Company, Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program)   Suggested Readings: Employee Recognition   In this recurring feature, we bring you new releases, best-of-class reference texts and resources you can use to promote employee well-being and organizational performance. Titles and descriptions come…

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The Road to Psychological Safety

Legal, scientific and social foundations for a national standard for psychological safety in the workplace.  A working paper for the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Martin Shain S.J.D., Ian Arnold M.D., M.Sc., DOHS, FRCPC, FCBOM, Kathy GermAnn, Ph.D.   This…

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The dangers of animal hoarding

(by Kroger Personal Finance)   If you have seen Animal Planet’s show, “Confessions: Animal Hoarding,” you know that hoarding animals is a serious issue that can quickly deteriorate into animal neglect, albeit unintentional. Many animal hoarders have the best intentions,…

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