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Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by Global BC1



The odds of seeing the sun in Vancouver this fall are about as good as seeing a Canucks home victory. If it feels like it’s been unusually wet in Vancouver, it’s because it has.


It has rained nearly every single day for the past two months, except for five.


Rain totals at Vancouver International Airport – typically a drier spot than other surrounding areas like the North Shore – will top 200 mm for November. Combined with October’s 203.4 mm, that means over 400 mm of rain will fall in two months.


Normal levels for this time of year are lower, with 120.7 mm for October and 185.8 for November.




In West Vancouver, rain totals will reach over 300 mm this month, just over the 295 mm recorded in October.


But it is the number of days with rain that stands out.


It rained a record-breaking 29 out of 31 days in October. Out of 27 days so far in November, it has rained for 25.


Global BC meteorologist Michael Kuss says things may begin to dry up this week, but temperatures will cool.


“Since the start of October, 52 of 57 days have had recordable rain,” said Kuss. “That’s way more than normal. In fact, October set a new record for most days with rain. But on average we get rain on 50 per cent of the days in October and two-thirds of the days in November. We also average 20 days with precipitation in December, so it can be gloomy too, but looking ahead we’re in for a pattern change which will bring cooler, drier air to Vancouver.”


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