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Dr. Joti Samra interviewed by News 1130 – cutting down on screen time for kids

(by Kenny Mason – Posted July 16, 2015)



VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The fight to get kids to put down that iPad or smartphone can be difficult.


Dr. Joti Samra believes if you want kids to take some time away from their toys, you need to, as well.


“Ensure that you have screen-free time in your home,” says Samra. “Kids model what they see, and you need to ensure as a parent that you’re being consistent in the behavioural messages that your’re giving to your children.


Technology is a great thing, but Samra says too much screen time can lead to problems.


“There’s some research that demonstrates that children with more screen time are less effective at being able to accurately read the emotions of others.”


Samra says having too much screen time can also affect our ability to communicate.


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