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Resources from APA for those who may be impacted by flooding in Alberta

Flood Related Resources:

·         Manage Flood-Related Distress by Building Resilience (APA)

Outlines steps one can take to reduce stressful emotions in the midst of
flood-related chaos by strengthening one’s resilience.

·         Strengthening Your Emotional Well-Being Ahead of the Flood (APA)

Tips about simple and effective ways to manage flood-related fears and anxiety.

·         Building Your Resilience (APA)

Pointers that may be helpful in developing a resilience building strategy.

·         Emergency Preparedness and Response: Floods (CDC)

Most up to date information regarding natural disasters and severe weather,
preparation, key facts, and recommendations.

·         Coping with the Floods (Project Recovery Iowa)

A document that explains how to protect oneself and one’s family during a flood.
Offers tips and strategies on how to prepare for and cope with a flood.

·         Coping with the Aftermath of a Flood (Project Recovery Iowa)

Offers tips and techniques on how to cope with the aftermath of a flood.

·         Flood Aftermath- Helping Your Children (Project Recovery Iowa)

These factsheets provide assistance in knowing how to cope and how to get help.

·         Recovering Emotionally (Red Cross)

Helpful general resources. Also contains links to other guides for emotional
well-being and helping children cope 
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