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Dr. Samra speaks to Sonia Sunger, Global TV, about reactions to artist’s image gone viral

Amateur artist Rosea Lake — an 18-year-old illustration student at Vancouver’s Capilano University — posted the image on her Tumblr page under the headline “Judgements”.


Within days, the image had gone viral, attracting more than 270,000 comments from around the world.


Lake shot the picture as part of a high school project last year, when she was just 17.


She told Canadian newspaper The Province the idea was born of her own prejudices against scantily-clad women.


“I realised that when I looked at a woman in a short skirt I automatically thought ‘slut’ and I felt bad about that,” Lake said.


“And I thought all women who wore hijabs were being oppressed. I thought about slut shaming and thought we need to get to a place where we are not judgmental.”



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