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Dr. Joti Samra talks to 'News 1130's' Joanne Abshire on the return of the NHL and the impact it may have on couples’ relationships

(Joanne Abshire, News 1130)


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – With the NHL lockout ending, some non-hockey fans in relationships may be worried about losing their partner to the sport.


People who have a die-hard Canucks fans in their life, but personally could care less about the team, can expect to have more free time.


Psychologist Dr. Joti Samra says some couples should prepare to say “goodbye” until the end of the season.


“Oh geez, what’s going to happen now with my partner?  I’m never going to see usually him again,” jokes Samra.


With the new season coming up, hockey lovers will either be at the game or glued to the tube; that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


“It can be positive for some relationships because people are not stuck together.  [With the lockout] they haven’t had their usual kind of activities and interests that they’re doing.  In fact, we know that; the strongest couples are ones that maintain their own separate interests,” says Samra.


But not everyone is complaining; she says for some, hockey’s return can be a blessing for and a chance to appreciate your partner more. “I’m hearing some couples saying they’re very happy hockey is back so they can get their partner the heck out of the door.”


Her last piece of advice: try to get more than one TV to limit any potential fights.


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