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Dr. Joti Samra Interviewed on CTV Morning Live with Aamer Haleem on tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut that took 27 lives

Dr. Joti Samra speaks with Aamer Haleem on CTV Morning Live about the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, that took 27 lives, including 20 young children.


The shocking shooting incident last week has prompted many schools in Metro Vancouver to send out messages to parents on how they can help their children deal with grief and anxiety.


Dr. Samra talks about what kinds of symptoms in children would suggest your child is feeling some anxiety about what happened and what parents and children can do to help relieve some of this anxiety.


It is important to stay calm when displaying your own emotions and feelings about the incident and be available to talk about it with your children and let them express how they are feeling.  Provide support and answers for your children without speculating. Provide comfort to your child in an embrace and just be close to them.  Acknowledge physical manifestations of trauma, such as a child complaining of a headache or stomach ache or overall feeling of  discomfort as well as sleeping disturbances.  Maintain your regular routine in order to provide normalcy, and limit your child’s exposure to media reports, especially preschool and elementary age children.


To watch full interview, click here.

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