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Many young people don't consider 'sexting' taboo: survey – most see it as another way to flirt

(Sonia Aslam, NEWS1130) – Sexting apparently isn’t as risqué as once thought.


University of Michigan researchers have found most people between 18 and 24 think sexting is just another way of flirting. For those who don’t know, sexting is where you send or receive a sexual message on your phone, often including pictures.


Clinical psychologist Dr. Joti Samra tells us some do it because it gets them attention. “If people, especially young women, are feeling that that’s the only way they can be recognized, I think it speaks to other, more significant, deeper psychological issues.”


Yesterday, we told you about singer Carly Rae Jepsen’s computer getting hacked. Nude photos were apparently stolen. Samra says things like that often happen because people think they’re invincible.


“We know that our human behaviour is guided by our perception. So, we tend to kind of school ourselves [to believe] that things can happen to other people, and they won’t to us,” she explains.


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