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Dr. Samra facilitates a sold out half day workshop: "Building a Psychologically Healthy Workplace" at the CMHA Bottom Line Conference

Dr. Samra facilitates a sold out workshop on “Building a Psychologically Healthy Workplace” at the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Bottom Line Conference on March 1, 2012.  In this era of increasing workplace pressures (increased competitiveness, a faster pace and labour shortages), many organizations are responding by nurturing their most important asset—their workers. They are committed to addressing worker morale, job satisfaction and retention. In other words, they are creating psychologically healthy workplaces, where workers flourish rather than flounder and companies benefit from an engaged workforce and healthier bottom line. This workshop will provide you with some concrete, actionable steps you can take to start the process of building a psychologically healthy workplace. This session will also help you build a strong business case for addressing psychological health in the workplace when communicating with others in your organization. Dr. Samra is the lead developer of Guarding Minds @ Work (GM@W): A Workplace Guide to Psychological Safety and Health, an innovative online resource used by employers to address psychosocial threats in the work environment.
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