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Dr. Samra speaks at the CMHA Bottom Line Conference on February 29, 2012

Dr. Samra speaks about “Resources to Help You Build Your Psychologically Healthy Workplace” at The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) BC Division’s annual Bottom Line Conference on February 29 , 2012.  This conference brings together business leaders, policy-makers, researchers and workers to improve mental health in BC workplaces.


Practical steps to a psychologically healthy workplace


Promoting psychological health is essential to building workplaces that thrive—but how do we get there? CMHA’s 9th annual Bottom Line Conference will gather 300 executives, managers, union leaders, as well as HR and health professionals from workplaces large and small to learn steps everyone can take towards building a psychologically healthy workplace for your employees, members—and yourselves.


According to the Conference Board of Canada, these—workload, work-life balance, work environment, leadership/management style, communication—are key elements of psychologically healthy workplaces.

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