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Dr. Joti Samra shares online resources for building healthy workplaces

(Conference blog, Bottom Line 2012)


Fred Smith, Regional Director of Group Benefits at Great-West Life, took to the stage to introduce Dr. Joti Samra.


He described Dr. Samra as a “passionate advocate for organizational change.” She is a clinical psychologist and the past president of the BC Psychological Association, as well as the Chair of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Collaborative.


Dr. Samra took to the stage in a burst of energy, opening her presentation with a Dilbert comic strip, generating chuckles throughout the conference.


She asked every delegate to think of one big, drives-you-up-the-wall-type workplace issue and write it down. Then as she spoke, she asked delegates to think about this issue within the context of the resources she planned to share.


Organizational Resources

1. Do an assessment, for example: Guarding Minds @ Work
Guarding Minds @ Work Includes a set of tools to address 12 psychosocial risk factors that are known to have an impact on organizational health.


2. Access free resources online at Great West Life Centre for Mental Health
There are implementation guides, accommodation guides, training resources, such as an interactive video series for managers about performance management, return-to work, etc. There are also resources for emotional management, and information for specific occupations and sectors.


3. Another great online resource is at the American Psychological Association.


4. More on Dr. Samra’s website:

Individual Resources

1. Access free online resources at Here to Help
Includes screening, self-tests, interactive toolkits, and discussion forums.


2. More on Dr. Samra’s website:

More resources are available on Dr. Joti Samra’s website


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