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Million Dollar Neighbourhood premieres January 22nd @ 8pm ET / 5pm PT

In the debt-ridden town of Aldergrove, the community is teaming up for a million dollar challenge that could change their fortunes forever as they attempt to increase their net worth by a million dollars in three months.


Each week, the entire community comes together to save an average of $100,000 per week in a large-scale challenge that will reduce debt and build assets for everyone. If they reach their goal, one hard working neighbour’s dream will come true with a bonus cash prize. Whether they’re bartering skills or renovating the home of a family in need, the people of Aldergrove are asked to share their time, their talents, their belongings and their aspirations with each other. Challenge by challenge, they collectively struggle to reach their million dollar goal. If they make it, the community chooses one person or household who have gone above and beyond in this neighbourhood quest and rewards them with $10,000 in products, services or cash.


Million Dollar Neighbourhood is a groundbreaking television series about taking control of finances, the power of community and guiding people towards their best lives.



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