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Wanted: RapidBus service: a better bus system is south after in Langley's easternmost community

(by Troy Landreville, Langley Advance)


It’s time to get Aldergrove into the RapidBus mix, says resident Annette McArthur.


McArthur moved to Aldergrove from Victoria a little more than a year ago and found out quickly that commuters have very few options as to how to economically move themselves around.


“On any given day, you can see countless cars parked roadside on the interchange at 264th [Street] and Highway One – visual proof that this community needs transit alternatives. It has become a makeshift park and ride,” she said.


When the new Port Mann Bridge is opened, the park and ride being built near 86th Avenue and 202nd Street in Willoughby will serve as the starting point for a RapidBus link from Langley to Coquitlam along the TransCanada Highway. This will mark the first time in a generation that buses will run down the highway [Gas taxes to go up starting in April, Oct. 11, Langley Advance].


At the Million Dollar Neighbourhood (MDN) used car sale Saturday, McArthur collected signatures on a petition to bring RapidBus service to Aldergrove.


The petition reads:


We, the undersigned, hereby call on Translink and local, municipal and provincial government agencies and businesses to support our request to implement a ‘RapidBus’ service from Aldergrove to Lougheed Station.”


McArthur said Aldergrove is only a few exit signs down the freeway from Langley and its residents need to feel connected to the outside world.


She gathered approximately 100 signatures Saturday and vows not give up until there are 5,000 names on the petition.


McArthur said getting around Aldergrove “has been frustrating.”


“While the rest of the Lower Mainland seems to be progressing quite well with various transit initiatives, communities like ours which are experiencing tremendous growth, have 1970s-style bus service,” McArthur said, adding that lack of public transit has a negative effect on people working at Gloucester Estates.


“This [Gloucester] is an area in Aldergrove providing thousands of jobs to thousands of people from all over the GVRD – but only if you have a car to get there,” she said. “We’re going to change that.”


Hosted by the more than 100 Aldergrove families who are part of the OWN Canada TV program, Saturday’s sale was supported by the Aldergrove Transportation Initiative and Aldergrove Business Association to help residents sell their cars and raise money to giving community residents better transportation options.


(The object of the MDN show is to force each participating household to increase their net worth increase by an average of $1,000 each week).



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