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Million Dollar Neighbourhood hosts used car sale

(by Staff, Aldergrove Star )


Do you have a car you’re trying to sell? Bring it down on Saturday to the Million Dollar Neighbourhood Used Car Sale.


The Aldergrove Transportation Initiative invites residents to the first used car sale on Saturday, October 15.


This event is being arranged and hosted by more than 100 Aldergrove families participating in the television production, Millionaire Dollar Neighbourhood (MDN), that is being filmed locally for Oprah Winfrey Network Canada.


MDN has partnered with the Aldergrove Business Association to help residents sell their cars and find alternative methods of transportation. In addition to finding great deals on used vehicles, the group is raising seed money to give Aldergrove residents better and more affordable transportation choices.


For only a $10 drop-off charge, you can bring your vehicle, shined up and ready to drive off the lot, to sell.


MDN will have experts on-site to assist you with your selling skills. We expect crowds of interested and curious buyers who will see your vehicle.


This is also a televised event so bring your best smile.


Great deals for those looking to purchase a used vehicle on Saturday, October 15, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Golf Tech, 5166 – 264 Street, just north of the Greater Vancouver Zoo.


To reserve a space, contact Annette Simpson at 604-807-0313 or email

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