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Dr. Samra launches Managing Emotions at Health, Work and Wellness Conference

Dr. Samra Launches Managing Emotions at Health, Work and Wellness™ Conference in Toronto, Ontario on October 4, 2011.


The 2011 Health Work & Wellness™ Conference in Toronto provided an appropriate venue for the launch of Managing Emotions a new, online training tool that includes video scenarios, interactive learning opportunities, evidence-based assessment of emotional intelligence in the workplace and practical exercises and activities to improve results.


Emotional intelligence in the workplace is the ability to deal with other people’s emotions and reactions in the workplace, to understand and manage your own reactions, and to communicate effectively. Managing Emotions is available free of charge to help managers assess their emotional intelligence skills in the workplace, specifically in recognizing and responding to the emotional distress of employees.


“Managers and supervisors at all levels who use Managing Emotions will be able to improve their ability to be effective in understanding and managing other people’s emotions in the workplace,” says Dr. Joti Samra, R. Psych., award-winning Organizational & Media Consultant and principal developer of Managing Emotions. “Further, they will be better able to understand what’s happening to a person who is distressed and to develop practical strategies to help manage that distress,” Dr. Samra adds.


The new online resource was launched earlier this week at a pre-conference workshop, You Asked For It – You Got It: Managing Mental Health Matters. Registered participants were invited to complete the Managing Emotions assessment in advance and bring their personal results to the pre-conference workshop.


The launch of Managing Emotions is timely given the growing awareness of legal implications to employers who fail to ensure their workplaces are mentally and psychologically healthy. In its 2010 report, Tracking the Perfect Legal Storm, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) determined that financial rewards for damages caused by mental injury at work have increased over the past 10 years by as much as 700%. The MHCC report’s author, Dr. Martin Shain (founder and principal of the Neighbour at Work Centre®), points out that 10 years ago, employers’ liability focused on the most egregious cases of bullying, discrimination and harassment. Now, he says, while there are differences between the provinces, a company or organization may be found liable if heavy workloads or bad management cause undue mental stress on employees.


Dr. Shain wholeheartedly agrees Managing Emotions is a welcome new tool for the workplace, noting the resource can help employers meet their legal obligation to provide a ‘psychologically safe’ workplace by being aware of the mental health of workers, and having clear plans in place to address problems. Managing Emotions is the result of a session at last year’s Health Work & Wellness™ Conference hosted by the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the WorkplaceTM and the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Participants in the session identified the need for a tool to assess and improve the emotional intelligence of managers who are on the front lines.


The Centre responded by commissioning a managing emotions component to complement its existing Managing Mental Health Matters resource. Developed under the leadership of Dr. Samra with input from leading international experts on emotional intelligence, Managing Emotions includes an assessment that takes about 15 minutes to complete. No identifying data is collected or stored. Results of the assessment are returned to the user immediately, at which time he or she can print the results. For those who wish to improve their results, interactive learning resources such as key strategies, exercises and video-based training are provided.


All of the Centre’s tools and resources – including Managing Mental Health Matters – are available to anyone, every day, at no charge at As an Imagine Caring company, Great-West Life is proud to support the work of the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace through its national corporate citizenship program, Stronger Communities Together. Managing Mental Health Matters (MMHM) is a first-of-its-kind program focused on helping managers, supervisors and other leaders learn how to effectively recognize and manage mental health-related issues in the workplace. MMHM uses a story-based approach, portraying realistic episodes of workplace characters dealing with situations common to everyday worklife. The user engages in the process, rather than simply being given information. Managing Emotions is the newest component of this innovative program. Other available modules within MMHM include Managing Accommodation, Managing Performance, Managing Conflict and Managing Return to Work. The Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace is a registered trademark of The Great-West Life Assurance Company.


About the Health Work & Wellness™ Group: We are a dedicated group of organizational health proponents and professionals who are passionate about creating a better place to work. We present opportunities for education, dialogue and inspiration, our most well known being our annual national conference on creating a better place to work. We are a leading resource for information, tools and strategies, and a year-round forum for innovation and idea exchange.

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