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Reality TV show prompts Aldergrove residents to find jobs for neighbours; this week's challenge is the right job for the right person

(by Heather Colpitts, Langley Advance)


Several hundred people in Aldergrove are using any means they can think of to get eight of their neighbours jobs by this Sunday.


They are sending out flyers, networking, speaking to the Langley Advance and whatever else they think could succeed as they work with the eight residents who need jobs.


Why have they taken on this brother’s keeper-style task? These are the 100 families taking part in the Million Dollar Neighbourhood reality TV show filming in Aldergrove. Each week the families are given challenges to increase their personal net worth and the community’s financial picture overall. In August, they had six days to prep for a massive garage sale.


From among the 100 families that signed up for the show based on finances, these eight have agreed to the latest challenge presented by the show’s producers, Force Four Entertainment.


Anyone who has a job open that might be right for these community members is asked to contact


Seven of the participants agreed to be spotlighted in the community newspaper.



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