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Missing boy's quick return a good thing

(by Erica Bulman, 24 Hours)


Kienan Hebert’s age, relatively short captivity and his return to the home where he was snatched could minimize the long-term effects of his abduction, a psychologist said Sunday.


The three-year-old was delivered to his Sparwood home around 3 a.m. Sunday, unhurt, after being kidnapped Wednesday.


“Being apprehended from a home … in that kind of circumstance can be very frightening for a child and four days with a virtual stranger is potentially a very distressing experience for a child,” said SFU clinical psychologist Joti Samra. “But the positive is he seems to be in a physically healthy state. He’s got a family that loves him. He was held for a relatively short period of time, compared to what it possibly could have been, and he’s young enough that he doesn’t retain the memories.”


Responding to a 911 call early Sunday, RCMP found the boy alone at home, unharmed. “Being back in his home environment is hugely more comforting than the other situation he would have been in,” Samra said.


“It will take time for that sense of safety and security to be rebuilt for him.”


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