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Marijuana addiction: study

(by Nimisha Sachdev,


Jonathan Stea, a PhD Scholar at the University of Calgary, is studying the addiction to marijuana and steps that can reduce the addiction.


The researcher, and his team, will be comparing around 100 participants who had smoked marijuana for a year and given up the habit by themselves, and also those participants who needed help to quit the habit. As per Stea, “We’re actually looking to recruit individuals who have had a marijuana problem in the past and have overcome that problem. So we’re really interested in investigating the recovery process”.


The problem that the researcher can face is in finding participants who actually accept their addiction towards smoking marijuana. Stea will be considering the psychologically aspects that influenced the potential to quit the habit and get addicted to it.


Stea will also study, the impact of smoking marijuana on the personal and professional life of the participants. The initiative taken by Stea had been appreciated by SFU Psychologist Dr. Joti Samra. Dr. Joti stated that many people followed the notion that smoking marijuana is not life-threatening, than that of cocaine and heroin. She further stated that consuming marijuana in a small quantity in order to benefit health does not affect adversely.


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