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Canucks getting all the help they can going into game 7

(by Sean Sullivan, The Province)

Given Sunday‘s nail biter of a finish, everyone from psychics to the team‘s owner is asking Vancouver to step up and send some positive energy to the Canucks for Tuesday‘s make or break game at Rogers Arena.
The question is, how will you do it?
I‘d like to call out to the fans to cheer really loud for our team, Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini told The Province. We want fans to get riled up, stand behind our team and get that positive energy out.
There‘s no question a collective energy has already taken Vancouver by storm, as anxious fans try to calm their own frazzled nerves while waiting in anticipation for the do-or-die game.
While some may have resorted to praying or good-luck charms, some of the experts The Province contacted say it also can‘t hurt to try generating some good karma for the Canucks.
After all, it‘s not like there‘s a shortage of positive energy in this city.
Psychologist Dr. Joti Samra calls it a social contagion, much like the unavoidable collective energy that engulfed Vancouver during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Sports does that for us, she said. People who aren‘t even fans get into it. Everybody‘s cheering for the same team, and we get this hope and want them to do well.
Those wishes of support may become even more helpful with Game 7 on the Canucks‘ home turf, Samra added.
There‘s something positive about being in your home city where you‘ve got fans and support, she said. I think that creates an energy for the players.
That said, cheering in the stadium is one thing. How can fans at home lend their support?
Anna Golbeck, the co-owner of Vancouver‘s Vikings Dragons & Fairies, says positive visualization is the key.
But don‘t try picturing fantastic goals by the Sedin brothers, or a slip-up by Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford.
When you use visualization, it‘s about creating what you‘re after, not how you get there, Golbeck said. You need to go for the done deal, throwing your belief and goodwill into that moment.

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